About MeasureMains

We, Measure-Mains, are an up and coming startup focused on addressing the burning issue of automating the process of audit, billing of electricity for electricity providers while solving the problem of energy thefts, by bringing in our solution of smart energy meter, in line with providing an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Our solution is beneficial not only for the electricity provider companies but also for our customers, as we aim to provide state of the art analytics on the edge, with our specially designed mobile application, which would help users monitor their energy consumption while helping them estimate their future billings too. Features such as Time of Usage (ToU) metering, real time usage analytics and prediction, anomaly detection, remote load switching and remote meter reading are some, which are unheard of in the conventional metering infrastructure which is in place today.

Our mission

Our team has a vision, and that is to replace every conventional energy meter, with our advanced metering infrastructure, so as to address the core issues of automating the meter reading process, prevent theft of energy and to provide a seamless experience to our customers. We believe that our team has the perfect mix of people required for such a hybrid H/W-S/W startup, and we are committed to addressing the described issue.

mission illustration