manual metre reading

Eliminating the practice of manual meter reading

electricity usage

Improving accessibility of the electricity usage

machine learning

ML based analytics algorithms

remote monitoring

Remotely monitor the connection status

Why MeasureMains ?

Admin side benefits

  • Real-time data for load balancing and reducing power outages
  • Remote access to meter reading and power supply
  • Identifying anomalies and thefts of electricity
  • Enabling dynamic pricing or Time-of-use Tariffs

Client side benefits

  • Estimation of power consumption using machine learning
  • Real time Notifications whenever the admin find anomalies
  • Get information remotely and locally on energy costs


Energy estimation

Estimating total amount of energy required by every block

Electricity prediction

Predicting amount of electricity required by city in future

Reducing Manpower

Contributing substantially in saving manpower

Remote Access

Increasing ease of access to remotely monitor / control the connection status of consumers

Future Consumption

Providing insights to users about their future energy consumptions

Improving accessibility

Improving accessibility of the electricity usage / meter data to customers